Terra Carta - Progress


Making an Impact



Complementing global efforts, the Sustainable Markets Initiative has engaged with CEOs and leaders from around the world to collectively explore opportunities and remove barriers to sustainable markets, including:

  • bringing private sector efforts together, to provide leadership, inspiration and the momentum for change;
  • uniting industries and communities around single issues to formulate plans for actionable progress;
  • highlighting projects that demonstrate innovation and inspire others to follow;
  • unlocking investment; and
  • identifying critical areas of focus, where greater effort is required.
CEOs supported the Terra Carta in first year
CEOs engaged at roundtable events
Commonwealth countries supported in their transition efforts
to host an official face-to-face meeting with CEOs and world leaders at a G7 Summit on building a sustainable future.

Three Strategic Priorities

Sustainable markets are where the economy operates in favour of Nature, people and planet, while contributing to growth and prosperity.

These three major market transformations are the strategic priorities of the Sustainable Markets Initiative: