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Catalyse Science, Technology & Innovation

We must urgently invest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), innovation and R&D at scale with a focus on sustainable solutions, alternatives and industries. Whether it is Augmented Intelligence (AI), or indeed nuclear fusion, 3-D printing, energy storage, electric transportation, carbon capture, renewables or biotech; we are on the verge of catalytic breakthroughs that will alter our view of what is possible – and profitable – within the framework of a sustainable future.

To move forward, we must acknowledge that sustainability and profitability are no longer mutually exclusive. Effective solutions must ensure that sustainable technologies and alternatives are competitively priced.

Our science-based and economic systems are vital to finding and scaling the solutions we so desperately need.We have seen in the last decade how quickly sustainable technologies can advance if there is a strong market signal and a clear sense of direction. This is vital if we are to accelerate the pace. Innovation will allow us to move from linear exploitation of finite planetary resources into a circular and sustainable era.

Measure of success include:

  • Investment in science, technology and innovation for sustainable solutions
  • Marketplace for ideas, development and investment established
  • Industry plans include visibility of science, technology and innovation milestones and opportunities

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