Article 8.

Create Market Incentives

What is incentivised happens. We must reverse perverse subsidies and improve incentives for sustainable alternatives. To achieve scale within sustainable markets we must not be afraid to adapt our long-standing incentive structures if we are to reap the benefits afforded by a more sustainable world.

Re-orientating economic subsidies, financial incentives and regulations can have a dramatic and transformative effect on our market systems. It is time to level the playing field and to think about how we properly deploy taxes, policies and regulation in a way that catalyses sustainable markets.

Measures of success include:

  • Nature, people and planet negative subsidies, lending and investment reversed
  • Carbon pricing standardisation achieved
  • Carbon pricing revenue invested into sustainable and just transition

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  • Committing to net-zero sectoral mandates, for example mandating the end of coal in power generation in advanced economies by 2030.
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  • Convened country councils across China and India to promote global co-operation and scaling of practical solutions to combat climate change.
  • A series of regional round tables, engaging with the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth and Country leaders to discuss economic recovery, climate change and sustainable investment opportunities.