Article 6.

Sustainable Investing at Scale

On every pressing issue we face, there are solutions that are not just available, but increasingly cost effective. At the same time there are trillions of dollars in sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance, and asset portfolios looking for investible and sustainable projects with good long-term value and rates of return.

There are two broad dimensions to sustainable investing at scale: 1) asset owner/asset manager commitment to investing strategically to recognise companies that are making the transformation according to the company roadmap; and 2) developing new sources of funding for sustainable activities.

This requires not only showcasing high potential investments, but that we reimagine mandates, financial analysis, structuring and models of return. Access to finance and innovation are key to bringing sustainable markets from niche to norm.

Measures of success include:

  • New frameworks, mandates and metrics established to identify success and growth
  • Natural Capital Alliance established and $10bn committed by the end of 2022
  • Asset owners/managers investing strategically in transition and sustainability, with new investment funds aligned to sustainable goals

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  • This opensource tool allows countries, cities and local project sponsors to conduct an early assessment of project attractiveness for private sector investment.
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