Article 4.

Accelerate & Align Industry Roadmaps

It is time for businesses, industries, investors and countries alike to design and implement how they will decarbonize and transition to net zero while restoring and protecting Natural Capital. Moving together, with clear roadmaps, will create efficiencies and economies of scale that will allow us to leapfrog our collective progress and accelerate our transition.

Using a ‘future of industry and future of economy’ approach, each of the main sectors of the economy, together with the global financial institutions, institutional investors and asset managers, need to outline publicly accessible roadmaps that identify the steps to net-zero along with plans for the protection and restoration of Natural Capital and biodiversity. After all, we know that it is not a lack of capital that is impeding our progress, but how we deploy it.

Measures of success include:

  • Industry-wide benchmark and metrics established
  • Industry-level net-zero roadmap established
  • Industry-level investment in Natural Capital achieved

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