Article 2.

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This means embedding genuine sustainability in our business models, analysis, decisions and actions. In other words, put simply, we need to put Nature, and the protection of Nature’s capital – from which we draw an annual return – at the heart of how we operate. It also means further defining and developing the discipline and framework of sustainable markets and sustainable industries.

Measures of success include:

  • Sustainable markets / industry frameworks development
  • Sustainability embedded in all models, analysis and decision making
  • Nature, people and planet embedded and integrated into all corporate / financial governance, behaviour and incentives

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  • The Terra Carta Seal recognises global companies which are driving innovation and demonstrating commitment and momentum towards the creation of sustainable markets.
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  • The creation of ten industry-led Transition Coalitions aiming to drive sustainable investment and industry action for transition across ten of the highest emitting and polluting industries.